Mae Engelgeer

We didn't know it was possible to fall in love with textiles. But we did. Mae Engelgeer designs the most beautiful textiles, rugs and wall elements. She will again be presenting her work during the Salone del Mobile in Milaan 2015.

Mae has a versatile education: she studied textile design at an Amsterdam based Fashion Institute (AMFI) and also graduated from the Master course at the Sandberg Institute were she explored the field of autonomous arts and design.

She is known for her colourful and eye catching products. Product that are like a piece of art in any interior. More and more she is asked for her graphic style and feeling with color by other parties. Mae is busy with a lot of collaboration projects for textile design, she works together with the famous Dutch Textile Lab for example.

Mae sees herself more as innovative than sustainable. However, she loves to collaborate with product developers and technical experts, just like she does in the TextileLab and will do at the Strawberry Earth Academy.