De Vorm

From Coca Cola bottle to stool!

De Vorm is setting today's standards with their interior products. This product label by Jeroen ter Hoeven designs products efficiently from long lasting materials. And even when the materials come to an end, Jeroen simply turns them into new products.

During the entire design process, De Vorm is keeping sustainability in mind. They not only use recyclable and unconventional materials (hello Coca Cola bottles), De Vorm also looks at the best ways in transportation and construction.

The results are stunning, as you can see when you visit the Nancy Quest Hotel, WTC The Hague and Philips Eindhoven. Their 'LJ 2' stool has already won the Innovation Interior Award 2015. Yes, in 2014!

Oh: this is confidential information. As Jeroen likes to describe De Vorm: they're the best kept secret in sustainable design.