Robbin Baas

Nature changes. It's disappearing quickly, but on the other hand we can see it flourishing in the cities. In roof gardens, or patches of farmland between the apartment blocks. The work of product designer Robbin Baas supports the lives of small but vital animals. Bees, redworms, butterflies…

Robbin's designs answer the human need for animal company in urban settings. The products open the way for the cohabitation of city dwellers with threatened or underestimated species. All designs offer animals a place to dwell and thrive near people without unnecessary burdens on the environment.

Robbin Baas exposed his Bee Hive, butterfly pavilion and foldable bird house at the Strawberry Earth Fair, the Product Design Arnhem Finals Show 2013 and Roof Garden Arnhem. Robbin's clear and well constructed design objects can be produced in substantial numbers.

We, and with us many other living creatures, are beyond excitement to have Robbin Baas as a Strawberry Earth Academy fellow.