As engineers from TUDelft, it's kind of a mission impossible for Simon Akkaya and Maarten Heijltjes to stop designing until each product is crafted pixel perfect. Waarmakers bring about a positive social impact, materialise an ideology and trigger specific human behaviour.

Let's shine a light on Ninebyfour. an archetypical tube light fixture made from salvaged wood from Amsterdam trees. On the side of the lamp you'll find the geographical coordinates of the tree-turned-lamp so you can go on a quest to find its roots!

Waarmakers was also responsible for the overall design of Be.e: an electric scooter made from plants. The product designers used Dutch flax and bio-resin, which resulted in a super sustainable, lightweight and be.eautiful scooter.

You may know Waarmakers for their stands at Dutch Design Week, the Strawberry Earth Fair and their articles in Elle Decoration, Trouw and a Chinese newspaper that we can't read. They will shine on at the Strawberry Earth Academy, where they'll not only light up products with their unstoppable energy, but also the world and its inhabitants.