Here's a story that suits! The composer? Afriek. The story is about your own hand tailored blazer. And it begins in Africa. Once upon a time, Sivan Breemhaar and Kars Gerrits traveled to Rwanda, Africa. They were inspired by the country's beauty, it's fabrics and craftsmanship.

Sivan and Kars decided to bring together Dutch design with authentic African print fabrics and craftsmanship. Afriek offers hand tailored blazers, custom-made in Kigali, Rwanda. Blazers that make you aware of what you wear and where it came from.

Next to blazers, Sivan and Kars started producing pants, pullovers and shirts. The collection is now for sale at SPRMRKT in Amsterdam, Puha in Utrecht, Out of the Blue in Eindhoven and Scoop in Antwerp.

With Afriek joining the Strawberry Earth Academy, the story gets better and better. Maybe the fashion industry will get their happy ending after all.