People Tree

With her label People Tree, ethical fashion pioneer Safia Minney designs beautiful garments while at the same time making a beautiful change somewhere else in the world. We're super proud to have this awarded Outstanding Social Entrepreneur on board of the Strawberry Earth Academy!

As the founder and CEO of Fair Trade and sustainable fashion label People Tree, Safia makes sure customers are supplied with good quality products, while the environment stays protected, partnerships are supported and an example to business and the government of a Fair Trade model is being set.

It's People Tree's mission to work closely with people in developing countries to build viable businesses that can sustain communities. Collaboration plays an important role in everything People Tree does: they work together with models, designers and journalists to keep on creating innovative Fair Trade fashion and inspiring others in the industry.

People Tree has been awarded the Best Organic Textile Product in 2013, the Best Critical Brand in 2010 and the Community Award in 2005. We foresee more groundbreaking news in 2015, now Safia and People Tree are joining our Academy.