L'Herbe Rouge

Un autre mode est possible! Next to clothing, Thibaud Decroo and Arielle Lévy, founders of L'Herbe Rouge, like to create a great discussion about life. The way people live and wear clothes, is the foundation of their creative work. L'Herbe Rouge's products combine ethics with aesthetics.

They use no pesticides, herbicides or harmful dyes. Their recycled yarns for example come from old knitwear and are recovered by social organizations.

L'Herbe Rouge has been awarded with the Sustainability Start-Up Award of La Poste, they were an Amsterdam International Green Fashion Competition Finalist and the top award-winner of Maisons de Mode, entreprise remarquable. Ooh la la!

At the Strawberry Earth Academy Thibaud, Arielle and L'Herbe Rouge will really show sustainable fashion = fashion and contemporary design.