OAT Shoes

Shoes that bloom! In 2011, OAT presented the first 100% biodegradable sneakers: OAT Shoes! They are beautiful looking and you can literally plant them in the ground so they will grow flowers from the seeds embedded in the tongue of the shoes.

OAT Shoes use European-sourced, biodegradable materials and their shoes are assembled fairly in Bulgaria too - all employees receive a fair wage and work regular 8 hour days at the factory.

Founder Christiaan graduated as a design engineer at the TU Delft and specialises in story-design and combining design with technology. His sister Frederike obtained a Master's degree in Business Administration from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and as Managing Director of OAT Shoes she leads the company. They're both looking forward to team up with scientists from Wageningen UR during the Strawberry Earth Academy to make a booming business out of blooming nature.