Studio JUX

Studio JUX comes from Jux und Tollerei: German for having fun. Because that's how fashion should be. Fun for you AND the makers.

This label by Jitske Lundgren and Carlien Helmink designs collections for both men and women from sustainable materials (the girls made 'silk' of wood pulp from sustainably managed forests) in fair labour conditions. Studio JUX even owns a studio in Nepal where 27 people work: this counts for 3% of the clothing export in Nepal.

Having good relationships with everyone involved in the production process, is very important to Carlien and Jitske. That's why they numbered their clothing, so you can meet your tailor (your rockstar) on the website, where each tailor has their own biography.

Studio JUX has 60 selling points in 14 countries, won several awards like the Ethical Fashion Award in 2009, the Green Fashion Competition in 2012 and the ASN Wereldprijs in 2013 and were named 'outstanding' by VOGUE Italy. Looks like not only Nepali tailors are rockstars, these Strawberry Earth Academy fellows as well.