See you this weekend!


See you this weekend!

Coming weekend is the Strawberry Earth Fair. Coming! Weekend! While we are transforming the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam into a tropical getaway, I’ll give you eleven reasons why you should be there at 11 October between 14.00 hr until 03.00 hr and 12 October between 13.00 hr and 23.00 hr. Will you buy a ticket here as fast as you can?

1 - On Monday you'll need a little motivation that gets you through the week

2 - The Strawberry Earth Fair is COMING WEEKEND. Don’t miss the boat to Amsterdam Noord

3 - Only a few yoga mats are available for Yoga with Maxim Hartman at Sunday afternoon from 13.30 till 14.30

4 - There are around 38 shops where you can spend all your savings 

5 - You can watch 3 different films, of which 2 premieres: BURT’S BUZZ and GMO OMG - Rainbow popcorn included!6 - You can unleash your inner herb professor / chicken farmer / sushi chef in seven workshops

7 - Twelve young designers will showcase their original take on sustainability

8 - Join our talk about The Future of Fashion with an international panel of fashion experts and hear about a brand new Strawberry Earth initiative

9 - Dance your socks of with KOFFIE, Diggy Dex, Rachel Green and a surprise act on Saturday night

10 - Our exclusive hangover breakfast gets rid of your headache on Sunday morning. A special energizing strawberry surprise will make your hangover disappear in no time!

11 - According to our Facebook event, all your friends are attending (please let us know you’ll be there and click on ‘join’ on the event page!)

Get your tickets here!

Looking forward to see you,

- Mette te Velde, founder Strawberry Earth -