Strawberry Earth Quiz Night

On 27 November 2010 Strawberry Earth ended a successful year of events with the Strawberry Earth Quiz Night: "Embrace the Freaks of Nature"! Hosted by Quiz Master Maxim Hartman and his sparkling assistant Tim den Besten, the quiz night was a celebration of the purpose and beauty of biodiversity. We beamed 15m high live twitter feeds on buildings in Amsterdam in the build up to the quiz night and everyone who took part on the night itself had a lot of fun: Stevendepeven with his Aanwijstsokjes.

Special guest: Andrea van Pol. Teams: Keuringsdienst van Waarde, NRC Next, HardHoofd, Foam Photography Museum, Dus Architects,Veggie in Pumps, The Youth Food Movement, Restaurant Merkelbach, Wakker Dier, Times Square to Art Square, Urgenda, the Wereldomroep, Latei, Pecha Kucha, Wij Zijn Koel, Gemeente Amsterdam, Conscious Hotels and Spice PR. Plus, all the money we raised from team entrance fees and the tickets went towards a good cause: the Bee Foundation! Our afterparty with 22 Tracks DJ Job de Wit was also a blast. Goal Raise awareness about the purpose and beauty of biodiversity in the city among a new group of influential cultural creatives from Amsterdam's green and creative scenes. And use the proceeds from the evening to donate money to a good biodiversity cause in the city! Results The team from Dutch newspaper NRC Next won the quiz and we raised €1,560 for the Bee Stichting. And we created an online and offline buzz about biodiversity in the city in the weeks leading up to the quiz and on the quiz night itself.